Lloyds TSB PPI Claim Refused: Do It Right the First Time

There is a proper way to deal with Lloyds TSB PPI claim refused. The proper way is not to hire a claims management company or CMC. The best way to do it, and this comes from Lloyds TSB is to make the claim yourself. So, if ever you discover that you have been mis sold PPI on your mortgage, loan, financing or credit card, the way to go is not to hire a third party but to do it yourself. They have actually made things easier, according to press releases, for customer to claim. They issued this statement, in the midst of allegations of intentional claims refusal.

To get a better change of your refund, do it right the first time. If you do it right the first time, you can avoid Lloyds TSB PPI claim refused, it is that easy. According to their website, there are just three basic steps to do for your claim. Following the steps is doing it right the first time.  So if you think, or you discover you have been mis sold PPI and you have a valid claim, the first thing to is to call the bank and talk to an authorized representative to discuss your case and direct your concerns. Doing this will eliminate misunderstanding and speed up resolution, in the event your claim is valid.

After talking to a bank representative, you can download and accomplish a FOS PPI questionnaire. This questionnaire will help the bank in facilitating your complaint. It is designed by the FOS and all the details of your case can be seen in one glance. All the necessary details are asked in the said questionnaire, so you do not have to repeat things. The reason why some complains are rejected outright is that, they send it without this important document. You have to be sure that you have this document, in the event you proceed with your claim for refund for mis sold PPI.

The next step is very simple. Send it directly to Lloyds TSB, PPI customer service. Do not use third party representatives but send it to the bank. This will assure that it is received and will be acted upon. The bank will write to explain clearly their decision, favorable or not. If the bank offers a refund, you can be assured that payment will be received within 28 days of the decision letter. This is all to your advantage. In case you do not receive it on time, due to delay caused by large volume of new claims, the bank will make a schedule for you.

Doing it right the first time will work to your advantage. In the event you have received notice but you are still waiting for your payment, you can call a help hotline. Once received, your request will be acted on in 10 working days. However, if your claim has some complex issues, there may be some delays. Even then a refund is on the way even with Lloyds TSB PPI claim refused.

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